Aaltosphere | Aalto Soundset by Complex

This soundset is about the machines and industrial factories of an advanced technological civilisation.
Aaltosphere is perfect for calmy background compositions, ambient music with a industrial touch and of course for video games music. 
It is formed by drones, industrial soundscapes, sequential & random machines, alarms, motors, chaotic SFX and Buchla like keyboards.

All the sounds are carefully designed to be as realistic as possible.

There are a wide range of sounds in this soundset covering all possible creative necessities.

With the modulation wheel you can significantly modify the texture and color of the sounds.



Drones, industrial soundscapes, sequential & random machines, alarms, motors, chaotic SFX and Buchla like keyboards.

128 patches.


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Technical data:

Royalty free. For commercial or free use.

· Aproximatelly 1.6 MB of hard drive space
· Aalto 1.4

Content and formatting
· 128 patches for Aalto in mlpreset format
· 128 patches for Aalto in aupreset format
· Modulation wheel control
· Normalized volumes

The soundset comes in a zip file with the 128 presets for Aalto, a user guide, a readme file with the installation a EULA License and free customer support.

Sound design and recording by Complex.
None of the recordings was externally processed to enhance the sound.


Aaltosphere DEMO
This is a 8 patches demo.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format [415.0 KB]

Patches list

Atmospheres | SFX Sequential Machine 2
Acid Hum Sequential Machine 3
Action Bass Sequential Machine 4
Alarm 1 Sequential Machine 5
Alarm 2 Sequential Machine 6
Assembly Plant Sequential Machine 7
Broken Alarm Sequential Machine 8
Broken Machine Sequential Machine 9
Bubbles Server Room
Bubbles and Salt S&H Crystals 1
Complex Modulations 1 S&H Crystals 2
Complex Modulations 2 S&H Crystals 3
Cyclic Drone 1 S&H Crystals 4
Cyclic Drone 2 S&H Machine
Dangerous Zone S&H Steam 1
Dark Factory S&H Steam 2
Deep Drone Slow Alarm 1
Delayed Transmission 1 Slow Alarm 2
Delayed Transmission 2 Stable Drone
Digital Rain Steel Crusher
Drilling Machine 1 Stressful Noise 1
Drilling Machine 2 Stressful Noise 2
Drumming 1 Stressful Noise 3
Drumming 2 Stressful Noise 4
Electric Hum Sub Drone 1
Electric Tension Sub Drone 2
Elevator Room Sub Drone 3
Fast Car Talking
Feedback Car Tech Civilisation
Feedback Machine Tension Drone
Forest Rain Throttle Up
Glitch Machine 1 Underground Zone
Glitch Machine 2 Warm Up
High Drone Wet Cave 1
Liquid Filter Wet Cave 2
Little Creatures Windland
Loop Drone
Machine Drone Keys
Machinery Room Key 4 steps 1
Magical Bits 1 Key 4 steps 2
Magical Bits 2 Key 4 steps 3
Magical Rain Key Altered OSC 1
Minimalistic Drone Key Altered OSC 2
Morse Atmosphere 1 Key Ambulance
Morse Atmosphere 2 Key Bass
Morse Code 1 Key Big Bass
Morse Code 2 Key Bit Windy Bass
Noise Drone Key Canary
Noise Hum Key Echoed Bells
Old Helicopter Key Electrified
Panic Room Key Endless Feedback
Randomized Machine 1 Key Falling Comet
Randomized Machine 2 Key Feedback Bass
Randomized Machine 3 Key Feedback Bells
Randomized Machine 4 Key FM Electrified
Reverb Room 1 Key Fragmented
Reverb Room 2 Key Ghosts & Beasts
Robotics Key Lead Sequence
Rotor Key Modwheel FM
Saw Key Modwheel Offset
Scream Drone Key Randomized Seq
Sequencer Chaos 1 Key Soft Feedback
Sequencer Chaos 2 Key Steam
Sequential Machine 1 Key Telephone 1

Key Telephone 2

Key Two Steps

Key Waveguide