Lost in the Darkness | Chromaphone Soundset by Complex

This soundset is about the darkness, it is inspired hell's landscapes and tenebrous woods.
I hope you can explore and enjoy the darkness with this soundset and helps you to make darker songs.
It is formed by atonal keyboards, suspenseful drones, misterious strings, flutes and dark atmospheres.

Lost in the Darkness is specially designed for dark electronica compositions and terrorific compositions for media and video games.

All the 50 sounds have two variations letting you choose the optimum sound for your song. 


Lost in the Darkness

Atonal keyboards, suspenseful drones, misterious strings, flutes and dark atmospheres.


50 patches, two variatios per patch.
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Technical data:


Royalty Free. For commercial or free use.

· Aproximatelly 1 MB of hard drive space
· Chromaphone last version

Content and formatting
· 50 patches for Chromaphone (variation 1)
· 50 patches for Chromaphone (variation 2) 
· Normalized volumes

The soundset comes in a zip file with the 100 presets for Chromaphone, a user guide, a readme file with the installation a EULA License and free customer support.

Sound design and recording by Complex.
None of the recordings was externally processed to enhance the sound.


Lost in the Darkness DEMO
This is a 5 patches demo.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format [494.8 KB]

Patches list

Sequences Atmospheres
El Ritmo del Diablo Las Brujas
Drums Conflict Ring Atmosphere
Kniferism Deeper as Hell
Lab Escape Satanic Claps
Iron Beast Cry
Lab Alarm Church
Metals Thunderstorm

Keys Panic Attack
Death's Flute Lost in Darkness
Ring Rainforest
Melodic Stick Far Strigns
Nursery Unseen Land
Evil Pike Take the Poison
Fall Down Frozen
Low Drone Asxyxia
Death Steps Spiral
Unreal Gong SFX
Darkness Drum Be Careful
Haunted Strings Detonation (hold)
Satanic Influences Knocking the Hell's Door
Waterphone Randomized Bell
Flute of Salvation Undetermined Things

About to Occur...
Drums Vanishing Point
Brutal Drum Uncertainty Plucks
Steel Demon Beast