Deep Space | Zebra 2 Soundset by Complex


Deep Space is inspired in the vast and wide deep space full of alien galaxies, black holes, fast rotating quasars, nebulaes and the time and space before the big bang and after the big bang. This soundset is formed by atmospheres that reminds extremely big spaces and far away event horizons accompanied with alien voices of planets with dense, warm and acid atmospheres. Deep Space is perfect for ambient music, video games with a dark and dramatic component, or for great suspenseful compositions.

All the 128 patches of Deep Space are carefully designed using Zebra's spectral  oscillators, comb oscillators and waveform oscillators with custom waveforms.

The new distortion module of Zebra2 is present adding to the sounds from a soft and warm character to a wild distortion effect.

The modulation wheel plays a crucial role in Deep Space allowing to make fast manipulations over the patches or nice transition effects for making the songs more expressive and original.

The patches included in this soundset range from calmed and static atmospheres to large leads and keyboards, dark and distorted atmospheres, long and frightening modulations, colourful sequences, one shot effects and explosions, minimalistic and complex sounds, alien voices, near human throaty voices, extremely tense sounds, unstable weird oscillations, far transmissions, metallic and industrial sound scapes, destructive robotics and alien spaceships.


Deep Space

Dark and calmed atmospheres, eerie soundscapes, large pads and science fiction effects.


128 patches.

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Technical data


· Approximately 4 MB of hard drive space

· Zebra V2.7


Content and formatting

· 128 patches for Zebra

· Modulation wheel control

· Normalized volumes

· Patches organized in categories
· Control by Performance Pads on 32 patches


Royalty Free. For commercial or free use.


The soundset comes in a zip file with the 128 presets for Zebra2, a user guide, a readme file with the installation a EULA License and free customer support.


Sound design and recording by Complex from December 2013 to February 2014. None of the recordings was externally processed to enhance the sound.


Soundset image by Fernando Rodrigues.

Deep Space DEMO
8 patches DEMO
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format [600.0 KB]
Patches list

Atmospheres SFX
Acceleration Alien Robot
Agony Modulations Alien Throat
Alien Planet Asteroid Field
Alien Screams Capsule Explosion
Alien Technology Codified Transmission
Andromeda Cosmic Events
Background Radiation Cross Modulations
Beyond Orion Eternal Bouncing
Bottled Experiments
Collapsed Star Falling Drums
Corrosive Fire Drone
Crystallized Stars Flying Saucer
Cyclic Atmosphere Gas Fugue
Deep Voices Gold Sword
Distant Stars Gravitational Field
Drums Atmosphere Help Voices
Evil Transmission In the Capsule
Extreme Chaos Interferences from Mars
Falling in Cygnus Launched Outside
Howling Metallic Hits
Idle Drone Noise Oscillations
In Danger Random Drums
Lost in Nowhere Reverse Time
Martian Rain Slowing Down
Modulated Cats Slowing Oscillations
Nebuchadnezzar Small Room
Neutron Star Sonar
Quasar Spatial Noise
Radio Station Steel 1
Reactive Elements Steel 2
Resonant Drone Teleporter Device
Rotational Terrorific Opening
Scattered Voices Water in Space
Solar Radiation
Some Bouncings
Spatial Modulations Sequences
Strange Creature After Big Bang
Vessel Burn
War Message Stardust
Warehouse Voyager II

Keys Machinery
Action Bass Assembly Chain
Arrive to Mars Collisions
Dark Mater Compressor
Event Horizon Destructor
Exoplanet Diesel Engine
Extraterrestrial DNA Electric Overload
Factory Enigmatic Device
Falling Hydraulic
Gliding Large Vessel
Hard Strum Machine Loop
Howling Machinery Mars Industries
In the Lab Oscillating Machinery
Jupiter Sands Piston 1
Long Distance Piston 2
Near Mercury Severe Glitch
Neptun Throaty Alarm
Peace Message Unstable Oscillations 1
Reaching the Surface Unstable Oscillations 2
Rise and Fall Voyager Destructor
Rising Modulations Voyager I
Slow Deactivation
Smooth Glide
Solar Storm
Sun Death
Time Fragments
Universe Exit