Pixelations | Zebra 2 Soundset by Complex

Pixelations covers a wide range of 8 bit sounds. For making all the sounds I used completely the modular capacities of Zebra 2, that gives to this soundset a retro and advanced modular sound.
This soundset is formed by keyboards, drums, basses, leads, atmospheres, SFX, sequences and arpeggios.

All the 128 patches are controllable by mod wheel, this adds extra control and more flexibility in the sounds.


32 patches are controllable by Zebra performance pads, this brings to a patch a huge variety of sounds to discover.

Pixelations is formed by a wide variety of sounds allowing to make entire songs with it.

It is perfect for video games music, for chiptune music and for whatever style of music with an old school sound.


Keyboards, drums, sequences, basses, leads and atmospheres with a advanced 8 bit & modular taste.


128 patches.

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Technical data

· Approximately 4.5 MB of hard drive space
· Zebra V2.7

Content and formatting
· 128 patches for Zebra in h2p format
· Modulation wheel control
· Normalized volumes

· 32 patches controllable by Zebra performance pads



Royalty Free.

You can use the patches for making musical compositions commercial or free.


The soundset comes in a zip file with the 128 presets for Zebra2, a user guide, a readme file with the installation a EULA License and free customer support.


Sound design and recording by Complex from November 2013 to December 2013. None of the recordings was externally processed to enhance the sound.


Pixelations DEMO
This is a 8 patches demo.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format [414.9 KB]
Patches List  
Keys Drums
8 Bits Organ Decimated Kick
Chinatown Digital Snare
Console Strucked Distorted Kick
Decimated Bell Echoed Glitch
Decimated Piano Electric Thud
Digital Creature Glitch Drum
Digital Fantasy Hard Kick
Encripted Large Kick
Escape the Acids Rare Kick
Glitch Keyboard Ring Kick
Keyboard and Crystals Scattered Drum
Metamorph Arpeggio Shifted Percussion
Mutation Tube & Vocals
Mysterious Place  
Mystical Keyboard SFX
Perverse Trap Codified Talk
Rise & Fall Codified Computer Virus
Risk Arround Data Transmission
Rise & Fall Keyboard Delay Shift
The Palace Destroy
Unexplained Paradox Digital Bubbles
Victorious Digital Racket
Vocal Piano Digital Thunder
Warp Zone! Glitch Alarm
Worms Machine Loop
Xylophone Mutated Bird
  Noise Burst
Sequences Robotics
A Big Step Running & Eating
Anomalous Events Sequence Deterioration
Bad Machine Stack Overflow
Brutal Rhythm Stars
Bytes Wold The Machine
Circuit Bending Thinking Computer
Combat Vowels Alarm
Complex Arpeggio Bouncing
Dangerous Aproximation  
Dealer Atmospheres
Deteriorated Rhythm Bytes in Agony
Drums Rhythm Curtains
Evil Hands Decimated Tension
Game Boy Deep Hole
Game Complete! Desolated Zone
Ghosting Distant Bells
Glide in Bytes World Drummy Atmosphere
Going Down Eternal Rise
Going Upstairs & Jumping Evil Frecuency
Good Machine Game Over
Hard Challenge Lead & Crystals
Magic Mushroom Nigthmare
Obsessions Rise & Fall
Pajaro Azul Searching the Enemy
Paranoid Severe Damage
Scattered Bells Soft Resonance
Schranz Time! Temple
Sequenced Bells The Factory
Small Sequence Two Delays Conmutation
Sticky Rhythm Unexplorable Area
The Cave Void Sector
Three Steps Wind & Rain
Time Machine Z Premonition
Vocals Sequence  
Welcome to Bytes World! Basses
  Bass in Motion
  Bit Stealing
  Crips Bass
  Dirty Bass
  Evil Bass
  Happy Bass
  Unseen Land