Aaltosphere | Aalto Soundset by Complex

This soundset is about the machines and industrial factories of an advanced technological civilisation.
Aaltosphere is perfect for calmy background compositions, ambient music with a industrial touch and of course for video games music. 
It is formed by drones, industrial soundscapes, sequential & random machines, alarms, motors, chaotic SFX and Buchla like keyboards.

All the sounds are carefully designed to be as realistic as possible.

There are a wide range of sounds in this soundset covering all possible creative necessities.

With the modulation wheel you can significantly modify the texture and color of the sounds.


Aaltosphere is on liquidation sale, only 9€ + VAT until end of February.

Technical data:

Royalty free. For commercial or free use.

· Aproximatelly 1.6 MB of hard drive space
· Aalto 1.4

Content and formatting
· 128 patches for Aalto in mlpreset format
· 128 patches for Aalto in aupreset format
· Modulation wheel control
· Normalized volumes

The soundset comes in a zip file with the 128 presets for Aalto, a user guide, a readme file with the installation a EULA License and free customer support.

Sound design and recording by Complex.
None of the recordings was externally processed to enhance the sound.


Aaltosphere DEMO
This is a 8 patches demo.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 415.0 KB