Niobe | Repro-1 Soundset


Niobe is full of the classic electronica sounds, distorted and punchy analog sounds — carefully designed to make of Niobe a great cinematic toolbox for any electronica project you may be immersed in.


Formed by nice dinamic arps, gritty analog leads, ethereal atmospheres, punchy bass lines, emotional keys, Berlin school sequences, nostalgic silky pads, captivating sound design effects, unstable and glitch synths, intrincate percussion loops which are ideal for spice up your projects. 


Niobe has influences by the works of Philip Glass, Boards of Canada, Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein and Klaus Schulze to name a few.


Best of all — Niobe is formed by 256 patches; each patch is designed with the utmost care to support and enhance your creativity.



Niobe is available for € 38 + VAT.



Technical data



· 871 kB of hard drive space

· Repro-1 V1.1


Content and formatting

· 256 patches for Repro-1

· Normalized Volumes

· Velocity Sensitivity

· Control by Modwheel



Royalty Free. For commercial or free use. 

Niobe DEMO
12 patches demo.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 69.7 KB