Timbral Explorations | Zebralette FREE Soundset


This is our fourth FREE soundset at ZenSound.


I made Timbral Explorations with the purpose to bring you smooth, nice and original electronica sounds.


This soundset is formed by relaxing and wide atmospheres, warm basses, lush calmly pads, wonderful keys and bells, dynamic and percussive sequences and haunting SFX.

Formed by 64 patches of uncompromising quality Timbral Explorations is as useful as any paid soundset from ZenSound.


Timbral Explorations for Zebralette is conceived for ambient electronica and cinematic music.

Timbral Explorations
Free download
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 440.5 KB


Technical data



· Approximately 665 KB of hard drive space

· Zebralette 2.7


Content and formatting

· 64 patches for Zebralette



Royalty Free. For commercial or free use.


The soundset comes in a zip file with 64 presets for Zebralette, a user guide with the installation a EULA License and customer support.