Hades | Alchemy soundset

Hi I'm glad to announce the release of Hades this is our first soundset that includes previously recorded samples to amply the sonic pallete of Alchemy.

Now you can take a look to it and hear the demos on the product page.




Pixelations update 1.2

Just released the second update of Pixelations for Zebra.

I've done a fine work adding to the patches control by the Zebra performance pads and now the patches are well calibrated to have an easy going and nice sound!

This Pixelations update adds a quick and easy way to modify the patches. Out of 128 patches 32 were hand picked to add control by the pads, these patches are marked with “+” symbol.

Now this soundset can be used to play with a MIDI keyboard with one hand while the other hand is twiddling knobs of the keyboard controlling Zebra performance pads.

This new feature of Pixelations will improve the workflow and allows to prepare a live act or simply have fun playing along with the patches!


If you don't know Pixelations yet you can go to product page and take a look to it. New soundset demos have been composed by Payam, Sendy and Complex.


If you have any questions just send me an email and I will be happy to respond it!





P.S.: I am willing to have fun playing along this weekend with Pixelations patches!


Pixelations update preview

I'm ending the last details of this update of Pixelations and preparing the newsletter. Thanks to Payam and Sendy for the demos.


Trail of Nexus 6 | Update

The soundset for Tyrell N6 is updated with new and original patches.

I added nice atmospheric patches, genuine sequences, sound design effects, leads, keyboards and basses.

Also in this update I have done a extensive use of Tyrell's self resonant filter which adds a extra oscillator capable of generating curious and weird tones.


This update adds to the soundset 32 patches, now this soundset have 100 free patches.



The Industries


Now released The Industries this is a library music album focused on Minimalist, Dark and Industrial Atmospheres.



Deep Space | Zebra soundset

We are extremely happy to announce the new soundset to come called Deep Space. It will recreate to perfection the sounds of open and far away galaxies and planets! This new soundset will be a nice piece of art for ambient, video games and film artists.


Go to Deep Space


Winter Offer

During this month all the soundsets are at half price!
The offer ends the day 31 of December.


Also I'm preparing the Update 1 for Pixelations this update will add to the soundset Normalized volumes and Mod-Wheel control.

Of course the price of the soundset will not be increased with this update.

Also the new soundset Pixelations has a discounted introductory price.

Stay updated!

Pixelations | Zebra 2 Soundset

This time I prepared a soundset for Zebra 2 called Pixelations and as the name suggests is about 8 bits and low-fi distorted sounds!

Also Zebra 2 offers great modulation capabilities that have allowed me to go beyond the typical 8 bit sounds in the development of this soundset.


Go to Pixelations

Rebeld | Charlatan Soundset Updated












Now it's time to update Rebeld the soundset for Charlatan.


Updated with:

  • Mod-wheel control.
  • 128 sounds in total.
  • Normalized volumes.
  • A informative PDF document with the installation.


Now Rebeld is completed and so great like a commercial soundset and it is free!


And soon will be available a demo track of the soundset made entirely with Charlatan!


Lost in the Darkness | Chromaphone Soundset

For this Halloween I prepared a special soundset for Chromaphone formed by tenebrous atmospheres, dark drones, atonal keyboards, and evil strings.

I hope you like it and have a Happy Halloween!


Go to Lost in the Darkness


Aaltosphere | Update

Added the patches in AU format. (The Apple's Mac format.)

Normalized volumes, now there's no clipping in any sound.

The update is totally free, and the price of the soundset isn't increased.


Go to Aaltosphere

New website design

During a short break at the end of this summer I have been working in the website design. I focussed in simplicity and minimalism. I don't want to confuse people with a lot of information, you will only see what you need.

Also you can navigate in ZenSound with a mobile phone.

I hope you like it and have a comfortable and quick navigation!

End Summer 50% off!

During the month of October the soundsets Detailed Machinery and Condensed Energy are at half price! The offer ends the day 31.

Condensed Energy | Update

You can use the Modwheel for add vibrato effect to the patches.

And the volumes of all the patches are normalized, now you don't need to worry about clipping at all!


Go to Condensed Energy

Condensed Energy | Chromaphone Soundset

Will be available very soon!


Very satisfied with the realistic sound of Chromaphone I decided to make a soundset for it.

It consist in 128 sounds that covers a wide spectrum of tastes, from smart keys to hard kicking drums and sound effects.

Detailed Machinery | Updates

Now all the patches are fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS, because all the patches are in VST and AU format.

For the next week all the patches will be available in wav format, in audio samples. This is very cool because you get a fast workflow, save CPU power and also if 

you not have Aalto you can use the audio samples of the soundset.


Go to Detailed Machinery

Detailed Machinery | Aalto Soundset

For Aalto by Madrona Labs.

Very happy to release it, this soundset contains 128 patches that really sounds like technologically advanced machines. Also I wanted to make some wood and metallic percussions and some bells that sounds like hell!

This soundset is perfect for music for media, sound effects, and very suitable for musical styles like IDM, ambient, glitch, Drum n Bass.

Available for download right now.


Free Soundsets!

Opened the new section Soundsets with three free soundsets for Aalto, Tyrell N6 and Charlatan.

This section is excelent for all styles of electronic music, including music for media.