Arcturus update!


Finally Arcturus for Repro-5 goes NKS, this is a new thing here at ZenSound!

There are a good bunch of customers asking for the NKS support, so finally I’ve decided to give this a try.

If everything goes well I’m going to start a massive update for add NKS support to all the soundsets. Of course feedback is very much appreciated on this topic, if you have any suggestion please send me an email to info [at]

If you already own Arcturus for Repro-5 just download the updated version from your email inbox (type ‘you bought Arcturus’ on the search bar).

In case you don’t find the download from your email don’t worry, just send me an email requesting a new download link for Arcturus.


Thanks and keep making music!


Aethra for Diva out now!

Aethra dives deep into the dystopian, gritty, low-fi and nice analog sounds.


Inspired by the music of Klaus Schulze, Jon Hopkins, Boards of Canada and Solar Fields. 


This soundset has been lovely designed to keep you in the creative and inspiration zone.


Aethra product page

Repro-1 Bundle available


The Repro-1 Bundle is a collection of all my Repro-1 soundsets: Voreal, Andromeda, Orion I and Orion II.



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Arcturus for Repro-5 released now!


Arcturus is conceived to enlighten your creativity and awake your true potential.

This soundset is like having the real analog Prophet-5 with al the rich tones, swells and with the extra flexibility of the software.


Arcturus is heavily influenced by the works of Boards of Canada, Trent Reznor, Atticuss Ross and Solar Fields.


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Orion II for Repro-1 out now!

Orion II is the second volume from the soundset Orion I. Which has been designed to capture the spirit of the Blade Runner 2049 and Stranger Things soundtracks.


Orion II replicates the sound from the well known synths Pro-One and Yamaha CS-80; like his predecessor you can expect nice analog synth sounds from the eighties.


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ZenSound Winter sale!

Orion for Repro-1 is released!

Orion for Repro-1 has been designed to capture the spirit of the great Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack.

This soundset is perfect for making modern soundtracks like Blade Runner 2049, Stranger Things and cinematic, synthwave and ambient music.


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Bazille Bundle update

Some customers were asking time ago for an update to Bazille Bundle to include the newer Bazille soundsets Electrons I and II, so finally I included them.

This means a significant discount if you want to pick up all the Bazille soundsets.


I created two versions of the bundle: ‘With Electrons soundsets’ and ‘Without Electrons soundsets’ so you can pick up either the full version or the small version.


Just click the ‘Buy Bazille Bundle’ button and choose your favourite version.


All the best,


Spirits for Zebra is out!


Spirits for Zebra is immersed into the darkness, the haunting and ominous side — this is a critical tool for dark cinematic compositions.


Product page


Electrons II for Bazille released!

Electrons II is the second volume from my best-seller soundset Electrons I.


Electrons II is about cinematic, enigmatic and moogish analog electronica from the 80s.


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