Bazille Bundle update

Some customers were asking time ago for an update to Bazille Bundle to include the newer Bazille soundsets Electrons I and II, so finally I included them.

This means a significant discount if you want to pick up all the Bazille soundsets.


I created two versions of the bundle: ‘With Electrons soundsets’ and ‘Without Electrons soundsets’ so you can pick up either the full version or the small version.


Just click the ‘Buy Bazille Bundle’ button and choose your favourite version.


All the best,


Spirits for Zebra is out!


Spirits for Zebra is immersed into the darkness, the haunting and ominous side — this is a critical tool for dark cinematic compositions.


Product page


Electrons II for Bazille released!

Electrons II is the second volume from my best-seller soundset Electrons I.


Electrons II is about cinematic, enigmatic and moogish analog electronica from the 80s.


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Summer Sale!

Andromeda for Repro-1 released!


Andromeda is the new collection of analog electronica for Repro-1, all the 128 sounds have been carefully designed to trigger your creativity and give you new ideas to explore.


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Website upgrade

As you may notice I’ve updated the website to make it more nice, clean and comfortable. The idea behind it was to keep a very similar minimalist aesthetic and the look and feel from the first days.  

Dreamwaves for Diva released!

The idea of Dreamwaves is to bring you an inspiring toolbox of emotive, hearth touching and pleasant filmscore electronica; this soundset has been designed with special attention to detail and originality.


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Forthcoming plans

Well, I have two soundsets about cinematic electronica waiting on the line! The first will be for Diva, which is also the first soundset release for Diva here at ZenSound!


The second soundset will be for Repro-1, which is near finished and of course it will sound deep, powerful and analog!


But before all this the website will be a couple weeks off-line, because of a much needed renovation. The idea is to upgrade the web and make it more comfortable and nice while keeping a pretty similar appearance.


Sincerely, thanks for your loyalty and support.


Spring sale

Liquidation sale!

Well, time passes and it is time to discontinue the distribution of the older soundsets.


This will allow to leave more space on the store and to keep high the quality standard. I’m leaving only the best soundsets on the store.


The liquidation sale goes from the soundsets Hades to Detailed Machinery, from now on this is the last time to get these rare withe cover soundsets.


The sale price is set at 50% off, you get the discount directly on the shopping cart, no discount code this time.


Liquidation sale ends at the end of February.


Thank you and stay tuned!