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Netrunner II for Repro-5 released!


Netrunner II is the second volume from its predecessor Netrunner I — this is a slightly darker continuation from the previous one.

Netrunner II is full of dark analog, dreamy and haunting sounds, this soundset has been crafted with the utmost care to give you something new in each patch.


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Umbra for Diva available


Umbra for Diva — inspiring and carefully designed dark filmscore electronica.


Inspired by the 70’s and 80’s horror soundtracks and with a slight touch of synthwave this soundset is perfect for a suspenseful and original horror story. 


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Niobe for Repro-1 released!


Niobe is full of the classic electronica sounds, distorted and punchy analog sounds — carefully designed to make of Niobe a great cinematic toolbox for any electronica project you may be inmersed in. 




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Summer sale!

Netrunner for Repro-5 out now!

Netrunner is all about dreamlike and emotive analog sounds — designed for classic filmscore electronica.


Netrunner has the classic deep analog sound and also the heavy, distorted and crunchy stuff — all of this makes this soundset ideal for any kind of electronica composition. 


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Arcturus update!


Finally Arcturus for Repro-5 goes NKS, this is a new thing here at ZenSound!

There are a good bunch of customers asking for the NKS support, so finally I’ve decided to give this a try.

If everything goes well I’m going to start a massive update for add NKS support to all the soundsets. Of course feedback is very much appreciated on this topic, if you have any suggestion please send me an email to info [at]

If you already own Arcturus for Repro-5 just download the updated version from your email inbox (type ‘you bought Arcturus’ on the search bar).

In case you don’t find the download from your email don’t worry, just send me an email requesting a new download link for Arcturus.


Thanks and keep making music!


Aethra for Diva out now!

Aethra dives deep into the dystopian, gritty, low-fi and nice analog sounds.


Inspired by the music of Klaus Schulze, Jon Hopkins, Boards of Canada and Solar Fields. 


This soundset has been lovely designed to keep you in the creative and inspiration zone.


Aethra product page

Repro-1 Bundle available


The Repro-1 Bundle is a collection of all my Repro-1 soundsets: Voreal, Andromeda, Orion I and Orion II.



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