Origins is a collection of 300 patches for Repro-1 and Repro-5.


Origins is a compendium of modern analogue electronica, cinematic, action driven sounds and experimental electronica. Origins has been designed for any kind of electronic music project, soundtrack or trailer music.


Influenced by the music of Jon Hopkins, Solar Fields, Cliff Martinez, Nils Frahm, Max Richter;

Origins offers dark and deep pulsating sounds, rich, warm and epic, smooth and analogue synth sounds; essential modern electronica synth patches.


Inspired by the soundtracks of Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Ad Astra, Ghost in the Shell, Tenet, Contagion, The Knick; Origins bridges the gap between the vintage and modern electronica, making it ideal for hybrid type, mixed musical compositions.


All presets are NKS tagged, modwheel and velocity are assigned. 

    € 34


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