Boreas the new collection for Diva formed by 128 patches. 


Classic electronica sounds with a modern approach ideal for your future soundtracks and music projects.


Boreas is formed by lush synths, atmospheric pads, analogue and sligthly unstable arps, nostalgic keys, pulsating and powerful basslines, dystopian soundscapes.


Inspired by soundtracks like The Playlist (Kristian Eidnes Andersen), 1899 (Ben Frost), Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury (Ex Machina), and the works of artists like Le Matos, Boards of Canada and Jon Hopkins.


Futurist dystopian city full of hi tech drone cars, a spacheship travelling into the deep space searching for a safe planet, a smart team of hackers taking down and stealing data from the servers of an evil corporation enterprise – This is Boreas, electronica, mysterious and damaged sounds for your next crime drama, dystopian or action soundtrack.


All presets are NKS tagged, modwheel and velocity are assigned adding an extra of playability.


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    € 19


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