Lyra is a collection of 100 eclectic, expressive, and broken grainy synths for Arturia MicroFreak.


This soundset is a collection of inspiring beauty, slightly damaged, bizarre and unique original sounds, all of them inspired by the music of Trent Reznor, Max Ritcher, Solar Fields and Ben Frost.


Lyra is formed by ethernal ambient pads, textured leads, grainy keys and synths, emotive and melanchonic strings, dreamy and beautiful sequences, broken, running out of tune synths and glitched science fiction effects.


Thanks to the MicroFreak pressure sensitive keyboard there’s a lot of expresivity and control to explore on each patch, making a delight to play and modulate an emotive string chord, or an ambiental pad. Instead of velocity and modwheel here all the patches are sensitive to pressure, like on a real instrument.


     € 19


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