Nord for Zebra2 and Dark Zebra



Hello everybody! Finally it's time for some great summer savings with ZenSound Summer Sale.


This time all soundsets are 40% off, just use the discount code SUNRAYS to get fresh electronic and cinematic sounds at a discounted price for your future projects and compositions.


The only items not discounted in the Summer Sale are my latest releases: TAL J-8 Moebius, Diva Aethra II and bundle packs.


You can grab some wonderful new sounds, such as:


TAL J-8 Virgo - € 11,4


Zebra2 Exodus - € 14,4


Repro-1 Aeria II€ 11,4


Uno LX Gaela II - € 11,4


Diva Aeterna Gold  -  € 14,4


The Summer Sale starts today Thursday 1st and ends on July 16th.


Happy shopping!


Moebius for TAL J-8

DIVA AETHRA II for April release

Bazille soundsets have been updated!

Hi all!


With help and advice from the u-he team I've been able to finally update all my Bazille soundsets.


So now all my soundsets for Bazille have been updated to the newer Bazille v1.1.1


This update solves some of the old presets not sounding in Bazille v1.1.1 due to many long overdue bug fixes in the LFO.


Message from u-he team:


We had to fix buggy, unreliable and plain wrong behaviour in the LFO of Bazille. Now it does what it was always supposed to do and is stable and predictable. Downside - presets that worked around the old behaviour of how the LFO triggered the envelopes before, those were in need of adjustment in some cases.


If you'd purchased my Bazille soundsets just send me an email with your name, so I can re-activate your download links.


Best regards,


TAL J-8 VIRGO Soon available...



Hello everybody! Finally is this time of the year to get yourself some Christmas presents with our annual ZenSound Holiday/Christmas sale.


This time all soundsets are 40% off, with exception of  the new releases Zebra2 Exodus, Repro-1 Aeria II and bundle packs.


Just enter the code CATCHTHESUN into your shopping cart to treat yourself with soundsets like these (and many more):


UNO LX Gaela II - € 11,4


Repro-1 Aeria I - € 11,4


MicroFreak Lyra -  € 11,4


Diva Aeterna Gold - € 14,4


Zebra2 Betelgeuse -  € 11,4


The Christmas sale starts today Wednesday 16th and ends on December 31th.




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