Halloween Sale 2019




Finally is the time for some scary savings here at ZenSound! 

This time everything is 50% off, just enter the code SCARYSAVINGS into your shopping cart.

Ends soon! 1st November.

Betelgeuse for Zebra 2 released!


Betelgeuse is a brand new collection of 150 patches for u-he Zebra 2 synth.


Betelgeuse is collection of malevolent, dramatic and damaged sounds. A well balanced blend of organic sounds specially designed for widescreen scores.


Betelgeuse is the darkest collection for Zebra here at ZenSound, inspired by the music of Ben Frost (Dark), Hildur Gudnadottir (Chernobyl), Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (Stranger Things).


Betelgeuse product page



Radium for Hive 2 is out!


Hive 2 Radium is a new soundset of 130 patches for u-he Hive 2 synth.


Inspired by the music of Hildur Gudnadottir, Jon Hopkins and Tangerine Dream.

Futurist and technological accompanied with an aura of tense, unnerving dystopian sounds.


Radium makes deep and extensive use of Hive 2 spectral oscillator bringing unusual avant garde sounds, specially designed for dark and ambiental cinematic compositions.


Hive 2 Radium



Becrux for TyrellN6 free!


Becrux is a new collection for u-he TyrellN6 formed by 60 patches.


Becrux is full of distorted, grainy, unstable and detuned analog sounds — rough and experimental just like TyrellN6.


This soundset all about dark and cinematic sounds, inspired by the music of John Carpenter, Trent Reznor and S U R V I V E.


Free download, install and drop a few patches into your projects to get inspired!

Summer Sale 2019


Enter the code COPYPASTE in the shopping cart to get 40 % off on all soundsets.


Only these products are not available at a discounted price: the recently released Repro-5 Somna and the Bundle Soundsets which are already discounted.




Repro-5 Bundle available


The Repro-5 Bundle is a collection of all my Repro-5 soundsets: Somna, Netrunner II, Netrunner I and Arcturus.



Read more



Somna for Repro-5 released!


Repro-5 Somna is a soundset of 130 patches for u-he’s Repro-5.


Here is the dark side of Repro-5 a collection of dystopian, bizarre and gritty analog sounds.

be prepared for lots of distorted noise, raw and unsettling, unstable tuned and grainy textured sounds, which all of them are beautiful in a subtle way.



Zentauri for Hive released!


Zentauri is a new soundset for u-he Hive formed by 134 patches.


Lightness and darkness live together to make of Zentauri a great soundset suitable for any kind of electronic music production but specially for cinematic, ambient and synthwave projects.


All the patches had been carefully designed with passion and love, with the intention to help you and give fresh ideas to your music.


Zentauri product page

Vanished Lands

Vanished Lands is a collection of 20 samples, recorded at 24 bit, 48k format.


This sample pack gives you tense, ominous and ethereal soundscapes ideal to score horror films and games.


Best of all, it is Free!



Go to product page


Elios for Diva released!

Elios is a new soundset of 128 patches for u-he Diva.


Dark, warm, and cinematic: Elios is a brave new world of cinematic dystopia and darkness where the first glimpses of hope and light are coming.


A must have if you are into widescreen, ambient and synthwave composing.


Product page

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