Pha Catalist the new collection of 150 patches for Togu Audio Line’s new TAL Pha.

Back to the 80s with a modern approach, vibrant, slighlty detuned, lush synthesis, damaged & degraded, powerful low end and pulsating sounds are the main idea under Catalist. Providing a set of dreamy, emotive and nostalgic retro sounds.

Catalist is inspired by the soundtracks of Mac Quayle (Mr Robot), Solar Fields (Mirror’s Edge), Le Matos (Summer of 84) and the music of Lorne Balfe, Boards of Canada and John Carpenter.

Formed by inspiring arps and sequences, rich leads, impactful bassloops, ethereal pads, wonderful synths and dreamy chords. The hybrid digital/analogue tones of Catalist are a delight for any type of modern project ranging from cinematic to synthwave or techno.

Pha Catalist is available for € 19. An expanded Catalist Halycon Edition with 80 cinematic bonus patches is also available for € 30.

     € 19


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