Rhexa the new collection of 200 patches for Omnisphere.


Damaged, distorted, rusted sounds ideal for action, drama, futurist cinematic soundtracks and music projects.


Inspired by the music of Paul Leonard Morgan and P.T. Adamczyk (Cyberpunk 2077), Ludwig Goransson (TENET), Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard (John Whick Chapter 4), Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow (Archive 81) and Hans Zimmer (Dune).


Dynamic sequences, moody synths, dystopian soundscapes, organic pads, evolving leads, pounding bassloops and kinetic percussions. The perfect match for a thrilling policial chase, polluted suburbs, remote, unexplored lands or a far away deep space mothership.



Full of hybrid patches like choirs mixed with old analog synths, guitars accompained with granular textures or ethereal synts accompained with glitch effects, a must have for any modern composition and project.


Each patch has been carefully designed and features modwheel for extra expressiveness. 

    € 35


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