Netrunner is formed by 128 dreamy and emotive analog sounds — designed for the classic Berlin school and filmscore electronica


Formed by heart touching and nostalgic keys and leads, deep analog basses and tense bassloops, dreamy and celestial pads, dystopian soundscapes, erratic and unstable synths, cinematic sound effects and synth loops ideal to add the classic cinematic tension to your compositions. 


Netrunner has the classic deep analog sound and also the heavy, distorted and crunchy stuff — all of this makes this soundset ideal for any kind of electronica composition.



All the 128 presets are ready to grab and drop into your projects to give you fresh ideas, more creativity and speed up your workflow. 

    € 19
Netrunner DEMO
9 patches demo.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 57.4 KB


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