Voreal | Repro-1 Soundset


Voreal is all about dreamy, emotive and melancholic sounds — classic cinematic electronica.


Voreal takes inspiration from the 80’s analog mono synths, focusing on minimalist and versatile sounds.


Comprised with intriguing and energetic sequences and arps, powerful basses and bass lines, emotive leads and keys and airy cinematic atmospheres.


Voreal as been deeply inspired by the music of Solar Fields, Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream making it an essential piece for cinematic ambient compositions.


Voreal is formed by 128 carefully designed patches for Repro-1 all of them responsive to modwheel and velocity.


Voreal is available for € 19 + VAT.



Technical data



· Approximately 880,4 kB of hard drive space

· Repro-1 V1.0


Content and formatting

· 128 patches for Repro-1

· Normalized Volumes

· Velocity Sensitivity

· Control by Modwheel



Royalty Free. For commercial or free use.


Voreal DEMO
10 patches demo.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 60.0 KB