Nord a brand new collection of 180 patches for Zebra2 and Dark Zebra, expanding the total number of patches to 360.


Nord delivers high quality synth patches, inspired by the Nordic Noir series and film genre. Such as the music of Hildur Gudnadottir (Trapped), Petur Thor (The Valhalla Murders), Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow (Anihilation), Ben Frost (Dark), Ludwig Goranson (Tenet). 


Tension and drama synth patches, deep analogue and physical-modelled instruments and percussions; the perfect fit for your cinematic compositions and film trailers.


Nord represents crime investigations, stranger suspects, murders, the night falling; dark and dangerous synthetic spaces and textures.



Frost icelandic pads, deep pounding bassloops, menacing percussions, hybrid keys, industrial soundscapes; a blend of analogueorganicuneasy, the purest dark nordic synth sounds.


Nord Dark Edition contains the two versions: Zebra2 patches and the expanded ZebraHZ patches. 


All presets are NKS tagged, modwheel and velocity are assigned.. 


You can try the before buy version here

    € 34


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