Pixelations update 1.2

Just released the second update of Pixelations for Zebra.

I've done a fine work adding to the patches control by the Zebra performance pads and now the patches are well calibrated to have an easy going and nice sound!

This Pixelations update adds a quick and easy way to modify the patches. Out of 128 patches 32 were hand picked to add control by the pads, these patches are marked with “+” symbol.

Now this soundset can be used to play with a MIDI keyboard with one hand while the other hand is twiddling knobs of the keyboard controlling Zebra performance pads.

This new feature of Pixelations will improve the workflow and allows to prepare a live act or simply have fun playing along with the patches!

If you don't know Pixelations yet you can go to product page and take a look to it. New soundset demos have been composed by Payam, Sendy and Complex.

If you have any questions just send me an email and I will be happy to respond it!



P.S.: I am willing to have fun playing along this weekend with Pixelations patches!



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