Hi all! We’re running a fundraising campaing for the Red Cross to help patients with COVID19.

50 % of the funds raised from 12 of our newer soundsets along April 3 to 30 April 30 May will go to the Red Cross to help patients with COVID19, the funds raised will help for doing shoppings for the older and sick people, delivering medicines, first need products, logistics and much more, this is going to save lives.


Fundraising soundsets:


MicroFreak Lyra

Diva Aeterna & Diva Aeterna Gold

Zebra2 Betelgeuse

Hive2 Radium

Repro-5 Somna

Hive2 Zentauri

Diva Elios

Repro-5 Netrunner II

Diva Umbra

Repro-1 Niobe

Repro-5 Netrunner I


* Bundles are not included in the campaing
If you can’t spend much right now or have purchased the soundsets before, just spread the word, again this is going to save lives.

My best whishes, stay safe in home and make music!



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