Ariamis the brand new collection of 180 patches for Zebra2 and The Dark Zebra.


Ariamis is the new cinematic inspiration toolkit adding darkedgydystopian sounds to give life to your future music projects and soundtracks.


Inspired by the music of Kristian Eidnes Andersen (Vivarium), Hildur Gudnadottir (Trapped), Ben Frost (1899), Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow (Devs) and Cliff Martinez (The Knick). 


Ariamis covers a wide range of sounds from lush and airy to damaged and demented, making it essential for drama, crime and post-apocalyptic projects.


Ethereal pads, dystopian synths, intrincate & damaged percussion loops, spine chilling sequences, physical modeled keys, corroded basslines and science fiction soundscapes.


Dark Zebra Ariamis contains the expanded patches for ZebraHZ (180 patches) and the original patches for Zebra2 (180 patches) summing up a total of 360 patches.


All presets are NKS tagged, modwheel and velocity are assigned on all presets.




For a limited time,  Ariamis comes bundled with the Lost Patches, a bunch of 20 unreleased patches from Ariamis. Available only until next Friday 31th March 2023.

    € 34


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