Summer Sale!

Greetings from ZenSound! It's time to begin the summer sale, from now on until August 11 you can save 30% on all our soundsets.

  • Hades: The underworld, ominous, scary and mystery sounds.
  • Deep Space: Dark and calmed atmospheres, science fiction effects.
  • Pixelations: Keyboards, drums, sequences, basses, leads and atmospheres.
  • Lost in the Darkness: Atonal keyboards, suspenseful drones, mysterious strings, flutes and dark atmospheres.
  • Aaltosphere: Drones, industrial soundscapes, sequential & random machines and SFX.
  • Condensed Energy: Tight electric percussions, deep and soft drums, colourful and complex bells.
  • Detailed Machinery: Drums, machine glitches, analog rhythms, randomized metallic percussions.

Now you can get all our soundsets with 128 presets for 9€.
Thanks for your growing support and enjoy the sale!


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