Penumbra is a new dark cinematic soundset inspired in drama and suspense.

The purpose of Penumbra is to bring you a state of the art soundset for your sonic arsenal.


Comprised with unsettling atmospheres, spaced and long leads, dissonant keys and mallets, industrial sound effects and backgrounds, mysterious and tense arpeggios, sinister sequences, creepy toy music boxes and complex metallic rhythms.


Penumbra also makes use of custom wavetables to add a unique sound to the patches and go beyond the factory wavetables.

Plus it has tape emulated delays in a good number of patches, be prepared for a rich analog sound!


Penumbra is carefully designed for cinematic soundtrack composers and artists looking for a forward thinking sound.

All the patches are responsive to pitch bend, velocity and modwheel controls.

Plus Penumbra features control by u-he Zebra2 performance pads on all the patches! 

    € 19
Penumbra DEMO
8 patches DEMO
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 112.3 KB


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