New year plans

Well as 2016 is coming to an end I can’t wait to let you know about next year’s plans here at ZenSound.

First thing, a soundset release for Repro-1; I’m pretty satisfied with the analog sound of this plugin, it is a delight for 80’s electronica lovers.

This release will be accompanied with a liquidation sale of the older soundsets with a substantial discount.
The reason is that it is important to keep high the quality standard and leave space on the store for newer soundsets.
After the liquidation sale the older soundsets will not be completely deleted, they will still only available by purchasing the All in Bundle pack.

Soon after this, the next thing to do is a full website renovation. The main goal is to keep the simple and minimalist aesthetic of the past three years and let you find what you need quickly so you’ll have more time to make music!


Thanks for your ongoing support and have a nice Holiday season!



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